Endorsements cont…

Endorsements (continued):

All support comments will be gathered and given to the direct support network for those facing charges – thank you to everyone offering words of support and outrage!

Just a few of the kinds of statements we have been receiving:

“Just a ‘regular middle-aged Mom’ and special needs advocate who is disgusted with our government(s), the goals the G8/G20 represents and these absurd and unnecesssary police actions. I am proud of those who were there to stand up for what is right and for other’s rights.” – Lenore S. Clemens, Vancouver, BC

“Stay strong all you brothers and sisters in Toronto. You are a voice for all of us and have my full support against the draconian measures imposed on you by the police and the Conservative government. We shall overcome.”
In Solidarity, Catherine Welsh, Activist, mother and grandmother, BCGEU Local 303

“Democracy is a variable in Canada now.” – Stephen Elliott-Buckley of http://PoliticsReSpun.org

“I am outraged at the quality of CBC news reporting on the Summit. Even though there were thousands of people protesting there was not a word on the CBC on what they were protesting about! Amy Goodman, Vandana Shiva, Maude Barlow, leaders who support the public good over the corporate agenda had a meeting in Toronto and were not even mentioned in CBC reporting. How is this possible in a democratic country? I used to think the CBC was a unifying and educational force in our country and I can sadly see that is no longer true. I can no longer support you.” – Susan Grimble

“I fully support the brave people who were brutalized by the police at the G20 in Toronto in June. As I looked at the mayhem on TV I noticed that the majority of dissenters were youthful. I respect and admire the work our young people are doing in order to create a more just and peaceful world.” – Ruth Houle, Gibsons, BC, Member of COSCO, (Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia).

“The Stalinesque display of police and military aggression that was inflicted on Canadians in Toronto before and during the G8/G20 fully removes the mask of Canadian foreign and military policy. There can be no more hiding behind the lie that our country attempts to bring democracy and freedom to peoples abroad because they have crushed it for their own citizens.”
Dr. Victoria Marie osc & Sarah Bjorknas, founders of the Vancouver Catholic Worker

“What we are witnessing is the neoliberal state cracking down and taking away our rights and our freedoms as a pretext to taking away our humanity. Neoliberalism takes away everything that makes us human. We must organise and create alternatives. The activists unjustly jailed in toronto were doing just this, and they have been imprisoned to prevent this. We must not let democracy die: free the political prisoners.”
Kevin Harding, York University graduate student, former student member of Simon Fraser University Board of Governors and Senate

“The intensified security budget and police state only reflect the intensification of the damage done by the G8/G20 neoliberal capitalist policies that are endangering our very planet. As the wealth and power gap between rich and poor widens, I am not sure how the G8/G20 could not expect deepening resistance. I would like to express my solidarity with all those who work for the victory of human lovingkindness within our generation’s lifetime, as this may be exactly what is necessary for the survival of our species and of life on earth.”
Mary R. Adkins Cartee, UBC, Department of Educational Studies MA program in Society, Culture, and Politics in Education

Endorsements (continued):
Ann Buttrick,
Will Offley, RN
Jack Moss, Courtenay, BC
Merlin Moss, Courtenay, BC
Bonnie Bain, Courtenay, BC
Jeff Keighley, Halfmoon Bay, BC
Penney Goldsmith, Community Activist
Cara Ng, SFU Student, Project Coordinator Adolescent Voices on Eating (AVE) Project
Murray Bush, Graphic Designer
Britta Fluevog, Artist
Elaine Carol, Artistic Director, MISCELLANEOUS Productions
Lenore S. Clemens
, Vancouver, BC
Cornelia Wyngaarden, Vancouver, BC
Robin Ridington,
Galiano, BC
Paul Manly, Smart Change and Manly Media
Harvey Armstrong
Pauline Byrne
Raymond Tremblay
Tundra Punks
in Victoria to the Yukon
Fayza Bundalli, MSW Candidate, UC Berkeley
Tash Wolfe
, Youth Worker, Activist, Writer, Collective member with Spartacus Books
Jim Shepard, Vancouver
Ileana Pietrobruno, Filmmaker
Muriel E. Wiens, M.Ed
Catherine Welsh, Activist, mother and grandmother, BCGEU Local 303
C. Mader, Kamloops, BC
Larry Gambone, IWW
Teresa Diewert, Streams of Justice, Vancouver
Timothy Chu, VP External of UBC’s Student Union (Alma Mater Society), 2009-2010
Althea Thauberger, visual artist, lecturer Emily Carr University
Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, member of Independent Jewish Voices – Canada
Thomas Burke
Elsie Dean, Burnaby BC
Ryan Andrew Murphy, Writer, activist, graduate student in the Faculty of Education at UBC
Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, member of Independent Jewish Voices – Canada
Ivan Drury,Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Council steering committee member
Loretta Laurin,SFU Student, community volunteer
Lora McElhinney,Joint Effort, prisoner justice activist and educator, SFU Student, community volunteer
Mordecai Briemberg, radio broadcaster (CFRO 102.7 FM)
Itrath Syed, radio broadcaster (CFRO 102.7 FM), PhD Student, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
Jen Turner,
Joanne Naiman, member of Independent Jewish Voices BC
Sharyn Sigurdur, Mission B.C.
Levi Elijah, HCA Nurse
Virginia Wells
The Purple Thistle Centre
RAIN (Radical Art in Nature)
Calvin Woida, Vancouver, BC
Chris York, Vancouver, Storyboards and design
Joshua del Sol, Halfmoon Bay, BC
G. James Baugh, Vancouver, BC
Raymond Koeher, Social Justice / Sustainable Communities Activist, Castlegar, BC
Daniel Zomparelli, Editor-In-Chief, Poetry Is Dead Magazine, http://www.poetryisdead.ca
Peter Driftmier, Student at Simon Fraser University, community radio programmer at CFRO 102.7 FM, CJSF 90.1 FM
Cindy Sleeman, Artist/activist/mother/dharma student, www.cindysleeman.ca
Mary Kosta, Lethbridge, Alberta
Susan Grimble
Nathan Crompton, Van.Act
Carl Rosenberg, Editor, Outlook Magazine, http://www.vcn.bc.ca/outlook/, Vancouver
Vilayvanh Sengsouvanh, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor, Clarity Counselling Services
Steve Stewart, Cafe Justicia BC
Lawrence Oshanek
Weldon Hunter, poet, Vancouver
Jeff Jones, Sointula, B.C.
Ruth Houle, Gibsons, BC, Member of COSCO, (Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia)
Roger Annis, Member, International Association of Machinists Lodge 11, Delta BC
Megan Adam, Public Service Alliance of Canada – BC Region
Maryann Abbs, Vancouver
Dana Kagis, community member
Sam Wisnicki
Andrew Phillips
Kevin Kvisle, Salmo, B.C.
Elise Chenier, Associate Professor of History, Simon Fraser University
Lalanya Blue, Musician

None of us is free until all of us are free!

For more info, email: vansolidarity@gmail.com

How you can help: Support the Toronto 1000: Till every last one is free and all charges are dropped.

Please send individual and group endorsements and short statements of support to: vansolidarity@gmail.com
Please include titles and/or institutional affiliations with your endorsement, and specify group or individual endorsement if appropriate

You can send support funds via paypal, transfer, or cheque: just click here: http://g20.torontomobilize.org/
Let’s get everyone out!

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